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Kevin J. Walchko, PhD

This is the Repo that feeds my personal github page. This has the ability to build a website from a combination of:

I use to use Pelican, but that had issues with latex equations and took months for them to fix it (sort of). Basically Pelican is a mass of crap that limps along for people who cannot program. Also, I never founds a nice way to include jupyter notebook content with it.

Setup macOS

I also setup a virtual environment for my python, so I don’t collide with my distro’s python version.

brew install pandoc python
brew cask install basictex
pip install jinja2 jupyter

Setup Linux

sudo apt install pandoc texlive python3
pip install jinja2 matplotlib numpy jupyter opencv-contrib-python


The build script works as follows:

kevin@logan github-blog $ ./build.py
Cleaning out old html ------------------
>> Made topics.html
>> Copying file template.jinja2
==[Publications   ] ===============================
>> Copying file mimo-fuzzy-FCRAR.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-MS-EE.pdf
>> Copying file subjugator-FCRAR.pdf
>> Copying file Optimal-geo-lasercom.pdf
>> Copying file AIAA-Reconfigurable-AUV.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-nav-FCRAR.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-INS-FCRAR-2003.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-SM-FCRAR-2003.pdf
>> Copying file AUVSI-2001.pdf
>> Copying file AUVSI-2002.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-MS-ME.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-GSRP.pdf
>> Copying file embeded_linux_CF.pdf
>> Copying file walchko-PhD-ME.pdf
>> Copying file subjugator-sinkin-is-easy.pdf
>> Skipping folder old
==[pics           ] ===============================
>> Copying file 153d_CAV.png
>> Copying file space.png
>> Copying file ship.jpg
>> Copying file IJC.jpg
>> Copying file air_assault2.jpg
>> Copying file rack.png
>> Copying file ISAF.png
>> Copying file 53rd_INF.png
>> Copying file rocket.png
>> Copying file grim.png
>> Copying file Farnsworth.png

Now, you also need to do pip install jupyter numpy matplotlib if you are going to convert jupyter notebooks into html.

Pygments (Don’t Use This)

To setup the css for code, I do:

kevin@Logan $ pygmentize -S default -f html > pygments.css

Pandoc Template

I created a pandoc template: template.markdown.pandoc which allows:

title: Holonomic Robot Equations of Motion
author: Kevin Walchko, Phd
date: 2016-03-12
modified: 2020-10-2
image: "https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ae/18/7e/ae187ea8eacb0e12189144bdce37636a.jpg"
image-height: "300px"
image-width: "100%"
subtitle: Somthing here ... but I don't use it :P
summary: Something here ... but I don't use it :P