Our crew is replaceable. Your package isn't.

This is the Repo that feeds my personal github page. This has the ability to build a website from a combination of:

I use to use Pelican, but that had issues with latex equations and took months for them to fix. Also, I never founds a nice way to do jupyter with it.


First you need to install:

  1. brew install pandoc node python matplotlib
  2. npm install ejs
  3. pip install -U jupyter matplotlib numpy


  1. Open a terminal window and navigate to the repo
  2. run: ./build.js
  3. Look in the html folder and the website should be there

During the build process, you should see:

kevin@Dalek github-blog $ ./deploy_github.sh
Deploying to github
 * Wrote colophon: html/colophon.html
Searching: source
Searching: source/Publications
 * Copied: html/Publications/AIAA-Reconfigurable-AUV.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/AUVSI-2001.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/AUVSI-2002.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/Optimal-geo-lasercom.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/embeded_linux_CF.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/mimo-fuzzy-FCRAR.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/subjugator-FCRAR.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/subjugator-sinkin-is-easy.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-GSRP.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-INS-FCRAR-2003.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-MS-EE.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-MS-ME.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-PhD-ME.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-SM-FCRAR-2003.pdf
 * Copied: html/Publications/walchko-nav-FCRAR.pdf
 * Wrote: html/about.html
Searching: source/blog
Searching: source/blog/Arch_Linux
 * Wrote: html/blog/Arch_Linux/arch.html
Searching: source/blog/Arch_Linux/pics
 * Copied: html/blog/Arch_Linux/pics/arch_linux.png
Searching: source/blog/Computer_Vision
 >> skip: .ipynb_checkpoints
 * Wrote: html/blog/Computer_Vision/jupyter/Feature_Detection/Feature_Detection.html
 * Copied: html/blog/Computer_Vision/jupyter/Feature_Detection/afa.jpg
 * Copied: html/blog/Computer_Vision/jupyter/Feature_Detection/balls.jpg
 * Copied: html/blog/Computer_Vision/jupyter/Feature_Detection/calibration.jpg
 * Copied: html/blog/Computer_Vision/jupyter/Feature_Detection/coins.jpg
 * Copied: html/blog/Computer_Vision/jupyter/Feature_Detection/dnd.jpg


There are a couple scripts that allow you to deploy to multiple locations.

Surge Deployment

Warning: having issue with deploying pdf files.

Install surge: npm install --global surge