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Install Raspberry Pi (RPi) Zero

Sun 30 April 2017

You need to make a couple changes before you put the SD card into the Pi.

In config.txt, add the following to the bottom:


In cmdline.txt, add this right after rootwait:


Now put the SD card in the Pi and plug the Pi into your computer with a USB cable.

To give it access to the internet:

Note: If you already plugged in your Pi to your computer, you will need to reboot the Pi using:

sudo reboot

This process sets up a dhcp server for the RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget and assigns it an IP address, then allows it to talk to the internet using WiFi.

A good resource is here


To enable ssh, go to the /boot directory and create a file called ssh:

touch ssh

This will tell raspbian to enable it on boot.

Bypass known_hosts

Since all RPi's hostname are raspberrypi.local, it sucks when you try to connect to a new one and you get the man-in-the-middle attack warning.

You can disable the check with:

ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null pi@raspberrypi.local

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