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Music Piracy

Mon 16 January 2017

Boil down his statements and get this: They do not have what I want. It is that simple.

Of course, until they get everything, there will always be some who can say that and Apple is off to a great start (IMHO). But do not discount those who say they don't have this or they don't have that as lame excuses to pirate. They are the best excuses we have ever had as Americans.

Think back to the time when we made alcohol illegal. Too many Americans wanted it. So, organized crime was formed to meet our desires. Go back further to the colonies when Britain tried to force us to buy from their monopolies. We smuggled. Fast forward a couple of hundred years to the drug trade. Marijuana made kingpins out of petty Central American criminals.

The larger issue here is that the American culture is designed around the concept of freedom and in this case, more specifically, free trade. When government intervention or (in this case) industry monopolies impose restrictions that stop us from getting what we want, we find ways of going around it.

If you are an American, like me, then your founding fathers were smugglers and thieves. They didn't believe what they were doing was wrong. It was their way of fighting the unnatural limitations imposed upon them by an unjust government. Eventually they killed people for it (see American Revolution)

If you are an American, your grandparents or great grandparents probably funded organized crime (see reason above/more people died).

If you are an American, you or your parents probably funded (are funding?) foreign drug cartels (take a look at the hard numbers behind illegal drug use ~34% of Americans use Marijuana alone in 2000 per Southern Illinois University and still more people have died. I mention this because I am unaware of any p2p related deaths just to put things in perspective).

Today we are seeing the most frightening trend in America ever. The government is enacting legislation to protect the industry at the cost of our freedom. The governments ultimate responsibility has always been to the consumer, the individual. Now things like the DMCA and the "super" DMCA laws are stripping away our freedoms to protect the profit of big business.

Many people who choose to pirate music are doing so because they can. Many, however, are doing so because the Music Cartels have refused to adapt to new ideas, new technology, and the demands of their customers. There is money to be made in the p2p business. Ask Limewire, Kazza, or even Apple. No, it may not be the billions and billions but profit margins were never guaranteed in the constitution and until recently not even by legislation. Imagine if the 19th century Blacksmiths of America forced the government to make laws to stop the shift from horseback to the automobile. Sadly most Smiths lost their jobs in the years to come as they met the fate of all businesses who cannot adapt. They died.

One might think about that before taking the high road to condemn ones fellow consumer.

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