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Computer Monitoring

Fri 17 July 2015
Program Usefulness Description
iftop great Monitor inbound and outbound IP traffic of the host computer
netstat good Monitor incoming/outgoing network packets, netstat -a
lsof low List of open files (e.g., disk files, network sockets, pipes, devices, and processes) and processes
htop great Like top but much more user friendly
iptraf good Network monitoring
btscanner low Bluetooth scanner
darkstat great Network traffic analyzer with web interface, darkstat -i en0 -p 8080, point browser to localhost:8080 to see results
nmap good Network mapper
p0f low Passive OS finger printing tool
wireshark great Network traffic analyzer

Other useful tools for your network.



    sudo apt-get nmap
sudo apt-get install tshark libcap-dev snmp-mibs-downloader
pip install scapy pcapy

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