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MJPEG Server in Python

Mon 12 June 2017
How to do an mjpeg server in python using OpenCV 3.2

Dead Reckoning and Encoders

Sun 11 June 2017
How to use wheel encoders to determine distance travelled

LED Faces (Tengu)

Sun 21 May 2017
Making faces from LED matricies

Machine Screws

Mon 16 January 2017
Info about standard bolts or machine screws

Infrared Sensors

Mon 02 January 2017
Infrared range sensors

Servo Control

Mon 02 January 2017
How to control a RC servo

Serial Communication

Mon 22 August 2016
Simple serial info

Simultaneous localization and mapping

Sun 01 May 2016
How to do simultaneous localization and mapping - work in progress

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Sun 17 April 2016
Hooking up an MCP3008 or MCP3208 ADC to an RPi

Power Systems

Sun 17 April 2016
Power system design notes

Pi Camera

Sun 27 March 2016
PiCamera info

Robot Parts

Sun 27 March 2016
Where do I get robot parts from

Text To Speach (TTS)

Fri 25 March 2016
text to speech using the RPi

Speech to Text (STT)

Sun 20 March 2016
How to do speech to text