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Tue 18 April 2017
homebrew, the missing package manager for macOS

macOS Commands

Tue 17 January 2017
Misc macOS commands

macOS Command Line

Sat 25 June 2016
Setting up your command line on macOS

Making The Command Line Useful

Thu 09 June 2016
ls OSX uses BSD ls utility. To make the command more appealing, use: alias ls='ls -G' where: G: colorized output a: displays files beginning with a . h: human readable To edit the colors you can: export CLICOLOR=1 export LSCOLORS=ExFxCxDxBxegedabagacad The string is 22 characters long and comprised of 11 two letter orders as described below. The color designators are as follows: Ltr Color a black b red c green d brown e blue f magenta g cyan h light grey A bold black, usually shows up as dark grey B bold red C bold green D bold …

PS4 Controller Setup on Mac macOS

Sun 06 March 2016
How to hook up your PS4 controller to macOS

macOS Boot Disk

Mon 15 February 2016
Making a USB boot disk

RPi Virtualbox on macOS

Fri 03 July 2015
Setting up Virtualbox


Thu 11 June 2015
macOS setup