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Networking 2 - wifi

Mon 09 October 2017
WiFi Networking

Updating Raspbian

Sun 08 October 2017
Keeping raspbian updated


Sun 20 August 2017
pi and sudo

Compare File Saving

Wed 09 August 2017
Compare file saving (shelve, json, gzip, and pickle) in python

Binary Files

Thu 29 June 2017
Working with binary files on Linux

Python Modules

Wed 21 June 2017
Making a Python package for Pypi


Wed 14 June 2017
How ethernet and cat5 cables work

MJPEG Server in Python

Mon 12 June 2017
How to do an mjpeg server in python using OpenCV 3.2

Dead Reckoning and Encoders

Sun 11 June 2017
How to use wheel encoders to determine distance travelled

LED Faces (Tengu)

Sun 21 May 2017
Making faces from LED matricies

Install Raspberry Pi (RPi) Zero

Sun 30 April 2017
Installing Rasbian on Pi Zero W


Tue 18 April 2017
homebrew, the missing package manager for macOS


Fri 17 February 2017
Python code snippets and useful libraries


Sun 05 February 2017
i2c on linux


Sun 05 February 2017
Setting GPIO Pins and serial

macOS Commands

Tue 17 January 2017
Misc macOS commands

Machine Screws

Mon 16 January 2017
Info about standard bolts or machine screws

Music Piracy

Mon 16 January 2017
An old comment about sharing music


Thu 12 January 2017
Windows setup

Ascii Art

Sat 07 January 2017
Creating ascii art

Raspbian Version Info

Sat 07 January 2017
Getting current version information on your Raspberry Pi

Infrared Sensors

Mon 02 January 2017
Infrared range sensors

Servo Control

Mon 02 January 2017
How to control a RC servo

Open Computer Vision (OpenCV)

Fri 30 December 2016
Build a Debian OpenCV 3.x package

Serial Communication

Mon 22 August 2016
Simple serial info

Node JS

Thu 28 July 2016
Build a debian Node package


Thu 28 July 2016
Build a Debian zeromq package

I2S - Digital Audio

Tue 26 July 2016
Setting up an RPi3/Raspbian-Jessie with digital audio and avoiding the noise from the Pi's analog output


Sun 26 June 2016
Setting up Samba so linux plays nice with macOS

macOS Command Line

Sat 25 June 2016
Setting up your command line on macOS

Making The Command Line Useful

Thu 09 June 2016
ls OSX uses BSD ls utility. To make the command more appealing, use: alias ls='ls -G' where: G: colorized output a: displays files beginning with a . h: human readable To edit the colors you can: export CLICOLOR=1 export LSCOLORS=ExFxCxDxBxegedabagacad The string is 22 characters long and comprised of 11 two letter orders as described below. The color designators are as follows: Ltr Color a black b red c green d brown e blue f magenta g cyan h light grey A bold black, usually shows up as dark grey B bold red C bold green D bold …


Fri 03 June 2016
Getting linux to talk zeroconfig and play nice with macOS.

PS4 Controller

Thu 05 May 2016
How to hook up your PS4 controller to Raspbian.

Simultaneous localization and mapping

Sun 01 May 2016
How to do simultaneous localization and mapping - work in progress


Sat 30 April 2016
protecting your computer

Programming I2C

Thu 21 April 2016
Simple Python I2C example

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Sun 17 April 2016
Hooking up an MCP3008 or MCP3208 ADC to an RPi

Power Systems

Sun 17 April 2016
Power system design notes


Sat 02 April 2016
How to benchmark your network performance with iperf3


Sun 27 March 2016
The Atom editor

Pi Camera

Sun 27 March 2016
PiCamera info

Robot Parts

Sun 27 March 2016
Where do I get robot parts from

Text To Speach (TTS)

Fri 25 March 2016
text to speech using the RPi

Speech to Text (STT)

Sun 20 March 2016
How to do speech to text

PS4 Controller Setup on Mac macOS

Sun 06 March 2016
How to hook up your PS4 controller to macOS


Sun 28 February 2016
Accessing RPi hardware

Html 5

Sun 28 February 2016
simple HTML5 example


Sun 28 February 2016
Setting up OpenCV

macOS Boot Disk

Mon 15 February 2016
Making a USB boot disk

dpkt Cheatsheet

Wed 30 December 2015
How to use dpkt to mine packets on your netowrk for info


Mon 28 December 2015
How IPv4 subnetting works

Swift Setup

Thu 24 December 2015
How to setup swift

Cyber Espionage Tools

Wed 23 December 2015
Review of Cyber weapons and groups


Tue 15 December 2015
Virus scanning on linux and macOS

Arch Linux

Sun 13 December 2015
How to install Arch Linux and setup

Programming Node.js

Sun 13 December 2015
Node.js/javascript snipets and useful libraries


Sun 29 November 2015
Setting up services on Raspbian/Jessie

Create a Local Repository

Sat 28 November 2015
Create a debian package and setup a repository

External USB Drive

Sat 28 November 2015
Setting up a hard drive to work with Raspbian


Fri 13 November 2015
Bluetooth beacons


Thu 03 September 2015
Install and use Node.js


Mon 03 August 2015
Commands to install/remove software on Rasbian


Thu 23 July 2015
Using linux to serve up videos using DLNA


Thu 23 July 2015
Setting up our network

Computer Monitoring

Fri 17 July 2015
Tools to monitor your network

BitTorrent Sync

Sun 12 July 2015
Sync'ing files across machines without the cloud.

RPi Virtualbox on macOS

Fri 03 July 2015
Setting up Virtualbox


Tue 30 June 2015
Working with bluetooth on linux.


Thu 11 June 2015
macOS setup

SD Card

Wed 10 June 2015
Setting up an SD card for RPi

Curl and Wget

Mon 01 June 2015
Downloading things from the internet via the command line


Fri 23 January 2015
Using ffmpeg to convert video formats

Install Raspberry Pi (RPi)

Fri 02 January 2015
Installing Rasbian

Linux Kernel

Sun 26 October 2014
Configuring and updating the linux kernal for the RPi


Mon 25 August 2014
Imae stitching with OpenCV


Sun 01 December 2013


Sat 17 August 2013
Using git

Python Setup

Sat 22 December 2012
Python setup


Mon 10 September 2012
SSH usage